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Behaviour Intervention Services

Nexus Therapy provides ABA/IBI behaviour intervention services for children and their families and caregivers in the comfort of home or school, enabling them to function as effectively as possible within their communities.  Behaviour therapy services for children are provided by trained and experienced professionals  who collaborate parents, caregivers, and other relevant professional or community members.  This includes determining behavioural goals, developing intervention plans, and the systematic use of positive behaviour support.  Behavioural support services may also include; child specific training and hands on demonstration of child management techniques; service coordination and liaison around a specific child in partnership with families, the ministry, and other service providers; community awareness and network building about the needs and responses of children with behavioural challenges; and follow up with families and caregivers following the end of intense service.  This program was historically for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but has expanded to include other children and youth with behavioural challenges. 

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