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Surrey Autism Services at Home

Nexus Therapy provides comprehensive speech therapy and ABA IBI therapy in comfort of home, daycare or school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Asperger's Syndrome in Surrey.  By using evidence-based practices, and a client-centered approach, our therapists strive to help our clients realize their full potential.  We do this by providing: 1) accessible services in the comfort and convenience of the home, school, day care, long term care or office setting; 2) inclusive services that support the client, care-givers and family members;  and 3) quality services supported by research, sensitivity to our client's needs and professionalism.

Autism is a developmental disorder that effects each child differently.  A child with ASD may have mild, moderate or severe delays or difficulties with any of the following:

  • ​receptive language

  • verbal communication / expressive language

  • echolalia (repeating spoken information out of context)

  • speech clarity / articulation 

  • ​language pragmatics

  • social communication / eye contact / joint attention

  • functional play skills / turn taking

  • theory of mind / perspective taking

  • attending to and processing spoken information

  • behaviour 

  • hyper-activity

  • sensory function 

  • sensory sensitivity (tactile, visual, auditory)

  • ​feeding

  • vestibular function

  • fine motor skills

  • self help and personal care skills

  • ​gross motor skills

  • learning

  • literacy - reading & spelling

  • executive functioning

  • cognitive / intellectual functioning​​​​

Parents with concerns in above areas are encouraged to consult with their family physician or child pediatrician and pursue a referral to a developmental specialist or pediatric neurologist for further investigation; as well as seek the advice of Speech-Language Pathologist.   Early intervention with a Speech-Language Pathologist and Behaviour Interventionist can help a child that is facing challenges with appropriate social skills, language comprehension and using language appropriately to interact with others.

Surrey Autism Services understands the complex and individual needs of children and families effected by Austim Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome and work with families, professionals and other team members in the child's best interest.  As therapists our primary objective is to support the development of skills that are most functional, meaningful and relevant to the child or individual in the context of their daily lives.

Some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome struggle academically with reading and spelling, in spite of having average or above average intelligence.  Speech Therapists of Vancouver have evidence based literacy programs in place to help children, teens and adults with learning difficulties related to ASD become successful at reading and spelling.  With the proper support in place, many children and individuals with ASD have the potential to lead happy, fulfilling and successful lives.

Surrey Autism Services offers therapy in the comfort of your home in Burnaby, Surrey and Langley.  ​For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at: 604 210 6622