​​Speech & Language Therapy Services

Speech-language delays and disorders when left untreated, can affect the child’s ability to interact with others and his or her quality of life. A communication difficulty can limit the child’s educational and career potential and affect the child every day of his or her life. 

Our pediatric focused Speech Pathologists provide speech therapy and language therapy to address a broad range of issues including difficulties with the following:

  • ​​Inter-dental lisp
  • Lateral lisp
  • the 'R' sound

Is your child having difficulty with his/her speech, language or literacy development? We are here to help!

Speech Therapy Services for Children & Adults

Experience the Benefits of Speech Therapy at Home, School or Daycare

  • Language Delay
  • Weak vocabulary
  • Grammar & Syntax
  • Answering questions
  • Story telling

​​​Speech Therapy At Home or Daycare

Nexus Speech Therapy offers speech therapy and behaviour intervention for children in the comfort of your home. We offer in home assessment and therapy services to address a variety of language and communication concerns.  We work collaboratively with parents and care givers to develop a customized therapy plan to meet the individual needs of each child.  Our therapists bring the necessary materials and activities to make speech therapy fun and engaging.  Home work practice materials and parent training are an integral part of the services we provide to help your child meet their speech, language & learning potential.

We provide in home speech therapy in the following locations:

N E X U S   S P E E C H   T H E R A P Y

Funding for First Nations Children

​Jordan's Principle

Nexus Therapy provides speech therapy and behaviour intervention to First Nation's Children with speech delay, learning disabilities, ADHD, ASD and special needs who have been approved for funding through Jordan's Principle.  Our speech therapists and speech-language assistants offer speech therapy services to children in the comfort of their home or school location in Vancouver and the lower mainland. 

We also provide speech therapy, parent and educator training and speech pathology collaboration to First Nations Schools and Communities in northern and remote locations via our secure tele-practice platform. 

Contact Nexus Therapy for further information on the services we offer and how to apply for speech therapy funding through Jordan's Principle.

  • Unclear Speech
  • Articulation 
  • Phonology
  • Motor Speech 
  • Stuttering
Speech Therapy for Children with Autism

Nexus Therapy offers speech therapy and behaviour intervention at home or daycare for children with autism spectrum disorder.​Treatment is available to address variety of difficulties prevalent among children with autism including:

  • Language comprehension
  • Following Directions
  • Transitioning 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Expressive Language
  • Answering Questions
  • Telling a Story
  • Play Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Conversation Skills
  • ​Pecs / AAC
  • Speech Delay
  • Articulation Difficulties
  • ​Phonological Delay
  • Vancouver
  • Richmond
  • ​Burnaby

T H E R A P Y    I N    T H E    C O M F O R T    O F    Y O U R     H O M E

Unclear Speech

​​​​Late Talkers & Language Delay

Some children between 1-2 years of age take a little longer in the beginning to develop language skills but then catch up to other children their age by the time they are 3-4 years old. 

Some late talkers, however, have a persistent language delay or language impairment that follows them year to year.  Such children develop language skills at a much slower rate and often continue to lag behind other children in language and academic performance over the long term.  A language impairment typically follows into adult hood and can impact on access to post-secondary education and opportunities for work.  
Scientific evidence shows that children who receive proper treatment fair better than those who do not.

  • Surrey
  • Delta
  • ​New Westminster
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Motor-Speech Impairment
  • ​Tongue thrust

By age 4 a child is expected to be understandable to others 90% of the time.  There are different reasons why some children have trouble with speaking clearly.  Difficulties with speaking clearly and not being understood can leave a child feeling frustrated and impact on their self confidence.  A Speech-language pathologist will start by conducting a speech evaluation to better understand the nature of the child's speech difficulty and develop an individualized treatment plan.  ​Parent education and training is provided to ensure maximal support at home and to facilitate faster progress.

We treat the following:

Reading & Literacy

Children who begin speaking late may continue to lag behind their peers in language and be at greater risk for academic and reading difficulties once they start school.  Challenges with reading are also fairly common among children with average language skills.  Difficulty with decoding and reading comprehension impacts on a child's ability understand the school curriculum as well as their performance on written tests and assignments.

Our licensed Speech Pathologists provide in home language and literacy assessments to identify areas of need and provide customized treatment programs to help children experiencing difficulties with the following:

  • Sound symbol awareness
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding

  • Coquitlam
  • Langley
  • ​Maple Ridge
  • ​​Written Language
  • Narrative Skills

Assessment & Individualized Treatment at Your Home, School & Day Care

  • Listening Skills
  • Following Directions
  • Reading​
  • Spelling
  • ​Social Skills
  • ​​Decoding
  • Sight word recognition
  • Spelling

Jordan's Principle Funding for Speech Therapy 

Nexus Therapy provides speech therapy services to First Nations Children with speech therapy funding approved through Jordan's Principle in the comfort of their home or school in locations across B.C. including Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Delta, Tsawassen, Chilliwack and Northern Areas.

Jordan's Principle Funding:

• Funds health, social and education products, supports and services for First Nations children across Canada, including British Columbia.

• Applies to all public services, including services that are beyond the normative standard of care to ensure substantive equality, culturally appropriate services and to safeguard the best interests of the child.

• Provides payment for needed services by the government or department that first receives the request.


Jordan's Principle is available to all First Nations children in Canada.

The current eligibility criteria under Jordan's Principle include:

• First Nations children registered under the Indian Act, living on or off reserve;

• First Nation children entitled to be registered under the Indian Act;

• First Nation children without Indian Act status or not eligible for Indian Act status who live off-reserve but are recognized as members by their Nation, who have urgent and/or life-threatening needs;1

• Any Indigenous child who is ordinarily resident on reserve.

In British Columbia, all First Nations children 0-18 years with an identified need for a health or social service, product or support are eligible, including services beyond the normative standard of care, regardless of their health or social status, or place of residency (on- or off-reserve).  

What products, services and supports are included?

Jordan's Principle responds to unmet needs of First Nations children no matter where they live in Canada.

Under Jordan's Principle, the federal government can:

• inform families about the help available for their child and how to access it

• coordinate access to products, services and supports

• provide funding not available through FNHA to make sure products, services and supports are accessed without delay

Each child's situation is unique. Please confirm coverage in advance with your regional representative for Jordan's Principle.

Some examples of what has been funded under Jordan's Principle include:


• therapeutic services for individuals or groups: speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy

  • occupational therapy

  • mobility aids

• wheelchair ramps

• addiction services

• services from Elders

• mental health services

• specialized hearing aids

• traditional healing services

• services for children in care

• assessments and screenings

• transportation to appointments

• medical supplies and equipment

• long-term care for children with specialized needs


• social worker

• land-based activities

• personal support worker

• specialized summer camps

• respite care (individual or group)

• specialized programs based on cultural beliefs and practices


• school supplies

• tutoring services

• teaching assistants

• specialized school transportation

• psycho-educational assessments

• assistive technologies and electronics

Who can make a request under Jordan's Principle?

A request for a child or children in the same family or with the same guardian can be submitted by:

• a parent/guardian of a First Nations child;

• a First Nations child, or Indigenous child ordinarily resides on reserve, at the Age of Consent (Note: a child at the age of consent can make decisions on their own about the care they need. Age of consent in BC is 16); or

• an authorized representative of the child, parent or guardian.

o written or verbal consent must be provided by the parent or guardian

Note: An authorized representative is a person (individual or organization) that the requester has given written permission (authorized) to act on their behalf (represent) with respect to the Jordan's Principle request.

A request for a group of children from multiple families or guardians can be submitted by:

a parent/guardian of First Nations children or Indigenous children ordinarily resident on reserve; or
a community; or
a community organization; or
a Service Navigator.

Who do children or families contact to get access to services and support? 

Jordan's Principle requests can be submitted to a ISC BC Regional Focal Point:

Ashley Dunsmore: 778-951-0716 | sac.principedejordancb-bcjordansprinciple.isc@canada.ca
Caleb Lam: 778-951-0716 | sac.principedejordancb-bcjordansprinciple.isc@canada.ca
Alison Atherton: 778-951-0716 | sac.principedejordancb-bcjordansprinciple.isc@canada.ca
Vincent Dong: 778-951-0716 | sac.principedejordancb-bcjordansprinciple.isc@canada.ca
Karen Lee: 778-951-0716 | sac.principedejordancb-bcjordansprinciple.isc@canada.ca

For all payment inquiries: sac.paiementsprincipedejordancb-bcjordansprinciplepayments.isc@canada.ca

For First Nations Health Authority Child and Youth Systems Navigators:
1-866-913-0033 | jordans.principle@fnha.ca

Those requesting or receiving products, supports or services under Jordan's Principle in BC can call the federal government at any time. 

To report a Jordan's Principle case directly to the federal government call centre, please call the 24-hour line or visit www.canada.ca/jordans-principle.

     • English:  1-855-JP CHILD (1-855-572-4453)

     • French: 1-833-PJ ENFAN (1-833-753-6326)

     • TTY: 1-866-553-0554

Please note: Individual requests will receive an evaluation and determination within 48 hours and group requests within 7 days, upon receipt of all necessary documentation.

Urgent requests will be assesse
d within 12 hours for individuals and 48 hours for groups.  

Find out if Jordan's Principle can help a child you know.