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Therapy for Stuttering 

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Nexus Therapy offers in home speech therapy treatment for stuttering in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Coquitlam.  

Stuttering is a communication difficulty of varying severity that can manifest in any one or combination of the following primary features: 

  • initial sound repetitions
  • initial syllable repetitions
  • whole word repetitions
  • ​phrase repetitions
  • ​sound prolongations
  • blocking or temporary loss of vocal function
  • temporary loss of breath
  • ​irregular breathing
  • tension in the face, mouth, neck or chest

Secondary behaviours associated with stuttering include:

  • eye blinking
  • loss of eye contact
  • ​​ancilliary hand, neck or body movements
  • throat clearing
  • use of fillers e.g. 'um', 'uh'

Stuttering typically begins when children are preschoolers.  In some cases stuttering will subside on it's own over time; however, for others it can be a persisting and life long issue.  Since it is difficulty to accurately predict whether early childhood stuttering will improve or disappear on it's own, parents are advised to monitor their child's fluency and to contact a Speech-Language Pathologist for professional advice when they notice their child's stuttering it is persisting over time.  After assessing the condition, a speech therapist can provide valuable information and parent education / training regarding how to shape more fluent and stutter free speech at home.  Early intervention in many cases has been shown to successfully treat and remediate stuttering in young children.

Since stuttering is less amenable to resolving among older children, teens and adults, the focus on treatment is on fluency enhancing, shaping and management skills which can help to significantly reduce and prevent stuttered speech, and also, to address many of the negative personal feelings and attitudes that may be associated with stuttering.

Nexus Therapy encourages a team approach to address stuttering in children.  Attention is given to training the client as well as parents and family members to facilitate maximal support and a higher rate of success. 

For further information about treatment and speech therapy or stuttering in Vancouver, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Nexus Therapy at: 604 210 6622